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This article discusses the benefits of ongoing staff training, and the advantages of online surveys in the skills audit and needs analysis process, compared to the alternative paper-based and face-to-face methods. Click here to read article.

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Training Needs Analysis - (TNA) can be made to sound very complex with lots of L&D speak, but fundamentally it is a simple process. Read Article.
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Employee Training: Ten Tips For Making It Really Effective
- Organisations waste a lot of scarce resources in conducting ineffective training programs. Follow these ten tips to get the maximum impact. Read Article.
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Training and Development - Start With Where You Want to Finish -
A creative approach starts with defining what you want and being proactive rather than reactive. Start with identifying what knowledge skills or behaviour are needed after training..Read Article.
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Evaluation Made Easy
Start from the very start - know where you are and where you want to go, and measure the results along the way. Read Article.
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The Question Is: "What Do They Need?" -
Whether formal or informal, an assessment of training and developmental needs will define the gap between current performance and desired performance.
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Top 10 Mistakes - Are You Training or Ticking the Box?
- A higher proportion of money is wasted on training which is inappropriate or just downright poor than almost any other corporate expense. This article outlines the top ten mistakes made by organisations when it comes to training. Read Article.
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Learning Objectives: Writing Learning Outcomes So They Matter
- Many training programs serve no useful purpose for the organisation because of poorly defined learning outcomes. Follow this three-step process for ensuring that your program's stated learning outcomes work toward the success of your program.
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Identifying Skill Gaps - Lessons from the IT Industry
- Over the last 10 years my company has had to handle several IT training projects where we were asked to identify our clients' needs and tailor our training programs to address these. This article discusses some of those learnings.
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Training the Right Way: Tips for Novice Trainers
- Starting out as a trainer can be a very daunting experience. Training effectively and making an impact boils down to five key ingredients. Leslie Allan concisely captures the most important factors you need to get right.
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Why Aren't My Training Programs Working?
- Are you finding that your people are returning from expensive courses, and yet nothing seems to change? It may be because of the way you think that training works. Leslie Allan challenges you to think differently about your role in making training stick. Changing your approach just may see you get the benefits you deservedly expect.
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Training Assessment - Assessment forms, or "happy sheets," give an immediate response to a training course. To give maximum benefit they need to be well designed. Read Article.


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Best-in-class organisations are 32 per cent more likely than average performers to use assessments to identify competency gaps.

Source: Aberdeen Group, survey of 400 employers across the globe.

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